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  1. Research

    rs1859168 A > C polymorphism regulates HOTTIP expression and reduces risk of pancreatic cancer in a Chinese population

    Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) are aberrantly expressed in many types of human cancer including pancreatic cancer (PC) and correlated with tumorigenesis and cancer prognosis, whereas knowledge about regulatory...

    Pinghai Hu, Ou Qiao, Jun Wang, Jiao Li, Hao Jin, Zhaolian Li and Yan Jin

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:155

    Published on: 17 August 2017

  2. Research

    Oncofertility in patients with stage I epithelial ovarian cancer: fertility-sparing surgery in young women of reproductive age

    Fertility-sparing surgery is indicated for patients with stage I epithelial ovarian cancers. We sought to evaluate the clinical outcomes and oncofertility in a cohort of patients of reproductive age with stage...

    Xuan Jiang, Jiaxin Yang, Mei Yu, Weimin Xie, Dongyan Cao, Ming Wu, Lingya Pan, Huifang Huang, Yan You and Keng Shen

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:154

    Published on: 15 August 2017

  3. Research

    Inflammation and pro-resolution inflammation after hepatobiliary surgery

    The magnitude of the perioperative inflammatory response plays a role in surgical outcomes. However, few studies have explored the mechanisms of the resolution of inflammation in the context of surgery. Here, ...

    Juan P. Cata, Jose F. Velasquez, Maria F. Ramirez, Jean-Nicolas Vauthey, Vijaya Gottumukkala, Claudius Conrad, Bradford J. Kim and Thomas Aloia

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:152

    Published on: 10 August 2017

  4. Research

    Identification of key lncRNAs in colorectal cancer progression based on associated protein–protein interaction analysis

    Colorectal cancer (CRC) was one of the most commonly diagnosed malignancies. The molecular mechanisms involved in the progression of CRC remain unclear. Accumulating evidences showed that long noncoding RNAs (...

    Haishan Zhu, Jiajing Yu, Haifeng Zhu, Yusheng Guo and Shengjie Feng

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:153

    Published on: 10 August 2017

  5. Research

    Predictive factors of prolonged mechanical ventilation, overall survival, and quality of life in patients with post-thymectomy myasthenic crisis

    Thymectomy is the primary approach for the treatment of myasthenia gravis (MG). This retrospective study aimed to identify the clinical and demographical features that may impact the duration of mechanical ven...

    Kun-Kun Li, Kai Qian, Yong-Geng Feng, Wei Guo, Qun-You Tan and Bo Deng

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:150

    Published on: 8 August 2017

  6. Research

    Two different protein expression profiles of oral squamous cell carcinoma analyzed by immunoprecipitation high-performance liquid chromatography

    Oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is one of the most dangerous cancers in the body, producing serious complications with individual behaviors. Many different pathogenetic factors are involved in the carcinog...

    Soung Min Kim, Dasul Jeong, Min Keun Kim, Sang Shin Lee and Suk Keun Lee

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:151

    Published on: 8 August 2017

  7. Research

    Treating cancerous large airway stenosis with staging radioactive particle implantation guided by computed tomography and fiber bronchoscopy: a clinical study

    The purpose of this study is to investigate the clinical effectiveness of staging radioactive particle implantation guided by computed tomography (CT) and fiber–optic bronchoscopy in treating cancerous large a...

    Yu Mao, Xiuyan Yang, Ming Li, Wei Guo and Wenhua Zhang

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:149

    Published on: 3 August 2017

  8. Research

    Diagnostic significance of microRNAs as novel biomarkers for bladder cancer: a meta-analysis of ten articles

    Previous studies have revealed the importance of microRNAs’ (miRNAs) function as biomarkers in diagnosing human bladder cancer (BC). However, the results are discordant. Consequently, the possibility of miRNAs...

    Hong-Bin Shi, Jia-Xing Yu, Jian-Xiu Yu, Zheng Feng, Chao Zhang, Guang-Yong Li, Rui-Ning Zhao and Xiao-Bo Yang

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:147

    Published on: 3 August 2017

  9. Case Report

    The paradigm of tumor shrinkage and rapid liver remnant hypertrophy for conversion of initially unresectable colorectal liver metastasis: a case report and literature review

    For colorectal liver metastasis (CRLM) patients, hepatic resection is currently the sole cure offering the chance of long-term survival. Tumor shrinkage and planned liver remnant hypertrophy are the two key st...

    Nan Xiao, Kailin Yu, Shaojun Yu, Jianjun Wu, Jian Wang, Siyang Shan, Shuchun Zheng, Liuhong Wang, Jianwei Wang and Shuyou Peng

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:148

    Published on: 3 August 2017

  10. Research

    Preoperative endoscopic titanium clip placement facilitates intraoperative localization of early-stage esophageal cancer or severe dysplasia

    Accurate intraoperative localization of esophageal lesions is essential for successful surgical resection. We tested whether preoperative endoscopic placement of titanium clips could facilitate intraoperative ...

    Lei Tan, Juan Feng, Qin Zhao, Ping Chen and Guotao Yang

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:145

    Published on: 2 August 2017

  11. Case Report

    Colorectal cancer in a patient with intestinal schistosomiasis: a case report from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center Northern Zone Tanzania

    Colorectal cancer associated with chronic intestinal schistosomiasis has been linked with the chronic inflammation as a result of schistosomal ova deposition in the submucosal layer of the intestine. Among all...

    Ayesiga M Herman, Alfred Kishe, Heri Babu, Hilary Shilanaiman, Murad Tarmohamed, Jay Lodhia, Patrick Amsi, Jeremia Pyuza, Alex Mremi, Amos Mwasamwaja, Mramba Nyindo, Kondo Chilonga and David Msuya

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:146

    Published on: 2 August 2017

  12. Research

    E-cadherin expression phenotypes associated with molecular subtypes in invasive non-lobular breast cancer: evidence from a retrospective study and meta-analysis

    This retrospective study and meta-analysis was designed to explore the relationship between E-cadherin (E-cad) expression and the molecular subtypes of invasive non-lobular breast cancer, especially in early-s...

    Jiang-Bo Liu, Chen-Yi Feng, Miao Deng, Dong-Feng Ge, De-Chun Liu, Jian-Qiang Mi and Xiao-Shan Feng

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:139

    Published on: 1 August 2017

  13. Case Report

    Delayed anastomotic leakage following laparoscopic intersphincteric resection for lower rectal cancer: report of four cases and literature review

    Anastomotic leakage (AL) is one of the most dreadful postoperative complications because it can result in increased morbidity and mortality as well as poorer long-term prognosis. Although most studies of AL li...

    Masayoshi Iwamoto, Kenji Kawada, Koya Hida, Suguru Hasegawa and Yoshiharu Sakai

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:143

    Published on: 1 August 2017

  14. Case Report

    Sclerosing mesenteritis mimicking metachronous peritoneal metastases from descending colon adenocarcinoma

    Sclerosing mesenteritis is a non-neoplastic inflammatory disease that occurs in the bowel mesentery. Distinguishing sclerosing mesenteritis from neoplasms may be difficult because of the clinical and radiograp...

    Toshifumi Watanabe, Shiro Terai, Tomoya Tsukada, Masaki Takeshita, Koshi Matsui, Koji Amaya, Masahide Kaji, Kiichi Maeda, Koichi Shimizu, Junko Saito, Kentaro Mochizuki and Akio Uchiyama

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:142

    Published on: 1 August 2017

  15. Case Report

    Metachronous colorectal carcinoma with massive submucosal invasion detected by annual surveillance in a Lynch syndrome patient: a case report

    Lynch syndrome is the most common form of hereditary colorectal carcinoma. It is characterized by the presence of germline mutations in DNA mismatch repair genes. Mutation carriers have a lifetime risk of deve...

    Masashi Utsumi, Kohji Tanakaya, Yutaka Mushiake, Tomoyoshi Kunitomo, Isao Yasuhara, Fumitaka Taniguchi, Takashi Arata, Koh Katsuda, Hideki Aoki and Hitoshi Takeuchi

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:140

    Published on: 1 August 2017

  16. Research

    Primary tumor location as a predictor of the benefit of palliative resection for colorectal cancer with unresectable metastasis

    It is still under debate that whether stage IV colorectal cancer patients with unresectable metastasis can benefit from primary tumor resection, especially for asymptomatic colorectal cancer patients. Retrospe...

    Rong-xin Zhang, Wen-juan Ma, Yu-ting Gu, Tian-qi Zhang, Zhi-mei Huang, Zhen-hai Lu and Yang-kui Gu

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:138

    Published on: 27 July 2017

  17. Research

    Long noncoding RNA expression profiles in sub-lethal heat-treated hepatoma carcinoma cells

    Sub-lethal heat treatment characterizes a transition zone of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) which explains hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) residual cancer occurrence in this area after RFA treatment. The biochem...

    Qingsong Deng, Shihan Chen, Chunchuan Fu, Jiayun Jiang, Mengda Zou, Yunhua Tan, Xiaofei Wang, Feng Xia, Kai Feng, Kuansheng Ma and Ping Bie

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:136

    Published on: 21 July 2017

  18. Review

    Evolution in the surgical management of gastric cancer: is extended lymph node dissection back in vogue in the USA?

    Gastric cancer remains a formidable treatment challenge. For decades, treatment consisted mostly of surgical intervention for this deadly disease. With improvements in the multi-disciplinary management of soli...

    Tianxiang Chen, Dongsheng Yan, Zhiqiang Zheng, Jiayi Yang and Xiang Da (Eric) Dong

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:135

    Published on: 17 July 2017

  19. Research

    Current status of tertiary debulking surgery and prognosis after secondary debulking surgery for recurrent Müllerian epithelial cancer in Japan: a retrospective analysis of 164 patients (KCOG-G1402)

    This study aimed to evaluate the current status of secondary debulking surgery (SDS) and tertiary debulking surgery (TDS; performed for recurrence after SDS) and to assess the overall survival after recurrence...

    Tomoko Hirakawa, Takeo Minaguchi, Yoshio Itani, Yuka Kasamatsu, Saki Murase, Shoko Sakurada, Hiroaki Nagano, Kazuhiro Takehara, Tomohiko Tsuruta, Atsushi Arakawa, Kouichiro Kawano, Hiroshi Tsubamoto, Takashi Ushiwaka, Taisuke Mori, Kana Iwai, Motoaki Saito…

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:132

    Published on: 17 July 2017

  20. Case Report

    A rare case of intradural and extramedullary epidermoid cyst after repetitive epidural anesthesia: case report and review of the literature

    Spinal epidermoid cysts are benign tumors, which are rarely seen as an intradural extramedullary spinal cord tumor in the conus medullaris region. Acquired spinal epidermoid cysts are mostly caused by iatrogen...

    Haruki Funao, Norihiro Isogai, Kenshi Daimon, Yuichiro Mima, Hitoshi Sugiura, Takahiro Koyanagi, Masaya Nakamura, Morio Matsumoto and Ken Ishii

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:131

    Published on: 17 July 2017

  21. Research

    Mortality differences by surgical volume among patients with stomach cancer: a threshold for a favorable volume-outcome relationship

    Many studies have assessed the volume-outcome relationship in cancer patients, but most focused on better outcomes in higher volume groups rather than identifying a specific threshold that could assist in clin...

    Hyeok Choi, Seong-Yoon Yang, Hee-Seung Cho, Woorim Kim, Eun-Cheol Park and Kyu-Tae Han

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:134

    Published on: 17 July 2017

  22. Research

    Influence of tumor extent on central lymph node metastasis in solitary papillary thyroid microcarcinomas: a retrospective study of 1092 patients

    The morbidity of papillary thyroid microcarcinomas is increasing worldwide. Surgery is the main treatment for papillary thyroid microcarcinomas, and the choice of surgical method partly depends on the T stage ...

    Xingjie Yin, Chunping Liu, Yawen Guo, Xiaoyu Li, Na Shen, Xiangwang Zhao, Pan Yu, Shan Wang and Zeming Liu

    World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2017 15:133

    Published on: 17 July 2017

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