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Table 2 Operative characteristics of six patients

From: Thoracic tumor resection combined with SVC replacement using autologous pericardium

Pt no.SurgeryApproachT (min)CT (min)OT (min)IB (ml)IBT (ml)
1MTTMS + RT 80450600Autotransfusion (1000)
2Right lobectomyRPLT/704001200Erythrocyte (2 U) + adtevak (600)
3MTTMS + RT/754202200Erythrocyte (6 U) + adtevak (800)
4Right lobectomyRPLT110204501000Erythrocyte (2 U) + adtevak (400)
5Right pneumonectomyRPLT/90375500/
6ETTMS + RT/70430800Erythrocyte (2 U) + adtevak(600)
  1. CT clamping time of superior vena cava, ETT extended resection of thymoma, IB intraoperative bleeding, IBT intraoperative blood transfusion, MS median sternotomy, MTT mediastinal tumor resection, OT operative time, Pt No. patient number, RPLT right posterolateral thoracotomy, RT right thoracotomy, T time to venovenous shunt, U unit