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Table 1 Demographic and clinical data

From: Implantation of customized 3-D printed titanium prosthesis in limb salvage surgery: a case series and review of the literature

Case no. Gender/age (years) Diagnosis (stage) Margin Follow-up (months) Oncologic outcome Joint ROM
Relapse Metastasis Patient status Flex Ext Abd
1 F/21 Clavicle ES Wide 24 None None ANED 90° 35° 80°
2 F/35 Scapular ES Wide 21 None None ANED 55° 20° 35°
3 F/56 Pelvic CS (IIB) Wide 18 None None ANED 120° 10° 30°
  1. ES Ewing’s sarcoma, CS chondrosarcoma, ANED alive with no evidence of disease