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Retraction Note: colon and rectal surgery for cancer without mechanical bowel preparation: one-center randomized prospective trial

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World Journal of Surgical Oncology201210:196

  • Received: 18 September 2012
  • Accepted: 18 September 2012
  • Published:

The original article was published in World Journal of Surgical Oncology 2010 8:35


The authors have retracted this article [1] because it contains large portions of text that have been duplicated from another article previously published in Annals of Surgery[2]. The authors apologise to the Editors and readers as well as the authors of the original article.


Authors’ Affiliations

Unit of Surgical Oncology, Department of Emato-Oncology, San Martino Hospital, Genoa, Italy


  1. Scabini S, Rimini E, Romairone E, Scordamaglia R, Damiani G, Pertile D, Ferrando V: Colon and rectal surgery for cancer without mechanical bowel preparation. One Center Randomized Prospective Trial. 2010, 8: 35-Google Scholar
  2. Zmora O, Mahajna A, Bar-Zakai B, Rosin D, Hershko D, Shabtai M, Krausz M, Ayalon A: Colon and Rectal Surgery Without Mechanical Bowel Preparation. A Randomized Prospective Trial. 2003, 237 (3): 363-367.Google Scholar