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Table 1 Reported single cases of Metaplastic  carcinoma with squamous differentiation of the breast (n=10)

From: Metaplastic carcinoma of the breast with squamous differentiation: prognostic factors and multidisciplinary treatment

Case Author, Year Age PL Size (cm) LNS Radiological findings Diagnostic Surgery CT RT IC Distant metastatic Survival (months)
1 Graziano et al, 2015 [12] 59 No Large mass Negative Solid/Cystic mass. No mic CNB R0 Neoadjuvant NR Triple negative No NR
2 Jagtap et al, 2015 [7] 45 Nipple retraction Two Masses 9, 3 Negative High density masses Surgical specimen R0 NR NR ER,PR negative Her 2 positive No NR
3 Nguyen et al, 2015 [10] 47 No 4 Positive NR Surgical specimen R0 Adyuvant Yes ER positive PR, Her 2 negative Lung and brain NR
4 Arafah et al, 2016 [6] 73 No Mic Negative Extensive calcifications CNB R0 No No Triple negative No 11 years Pure insitu variant
5 Punzo et al, 2017 [8] 75 Inflamed cystic lesion 5 Negative Solid/Cystic mass. Mic Surgical specimen R0 Patient refused No Triple negative p:63 positive No 12
6 Chahdi et al, 2018 [9] 44 Cyst lesion 5 Positive Solid/Cystic mass. Abscess CNB R0 Adyuvant Yes Triple negative No 9
7 Goto et al, 2018 [11] 42 No Large mass T4 Positive Solid mass Surgical specimen R1 Adyuvant Yes Triple negative No 17
8 Hardy et al, 2019 [13] 44 No 11 Negative Solid necrotic mass Surgical specimen R1 Patient refused No Triple negativep:63 positive No NR
9 Current case 1 39 Fibrocystic disease 5 Positive Solid/Cystic mass Surgical specimen R1 Neoadjuvant Yes Triple negativep:63 positive Lungs and liver 11
10 Current case 2 57 No 8 Positive Solid mass. Mic CNB No Neoadjuvant Yes Triple negative Liver 19
  1. PL preexistent lesions, LNS Lymph node status, CT Chemotherapy, RT Radiotherapy, IC Immunohistochemical characteristics, Mic microcalcifications, CNB Core needle biopsy, R0 Complete resection, R1 Incomplete resection, NR Not reported, ER Estrogen receptor, PR Progesterone receptor