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Table 2 MVI classification accuracy comparisons for different combinations of modalities in 2015 HCC cohort

From: Deep-learning-based analysis of preoperative MRI predicts microvascular invasion and outcome in hepatocellular carcinoma

Combination Accuracy
T1 T1D T1V 92.11%
T1 T1A T2 66.67%
T1 T1D T2 84.21%
DWI T1 T2 74.56%
DWI T1A T2 77.19%
T1V T1D 85.96%
T1V T1D T1 87.72%
T1V T1D T2 81.58%
  1. T1 T1-weighted imaging, DWI diffusion-weighted imaging, T2 T2-weighted imaging, T1A T1-weighted imaging at arterial phase, T1V T1-weighted imaging at portal venous phase, T1D T1-weighted imaging at delayed phase