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Table 6 Core tip

From: Latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap repair is effective after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for locally advanced breast cancer

Treatment   Procedure Aim
Chemotherapy Four to six course of treatment TEC The tumor wound was reduced and blood supply was reduced.
ECOG score ≤ 3
Surgery Preoperative The blood supply of the flap was investigated by ultrasound Doppler.
Remove ulcer secretions for bacterial culture.
According to the results of bacterial culture, sensitive antibiotics were selected.
Excise tumor, repair defect and improve patient's physical condition..
Intraoperative The excised tissue was sent for pathological and cryogenic examination.
Try to achieve negative margin.
The latissimus dorsi flap was designed according to the scope of resection.
Donor site suture, cannot suture skin graft.
Post-operation Antibiotics were given according to the results of preoperative bacterial culture.
Continuous negative pressure drainage, drainage liquid less than 20 ml, remove the drainage tube.
Radiotherapy   Patients with lymph node metastasis were treated with radiotherapy in stage III and IV. Reduce local tumor recurrence, reduce distant metastasis.
Endocrinotherapy   ER, PR-positive patients
Trastuzumab treatment   Patients with positive HER-2