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Table 5 Clinicopathological features of 3-year survivors

From: Clinical significance of initial treatment for peritoneal lavage cytology-positive gastric cancer: outcomes according to treatment strategy

Case Category Age Sex p-Depth of invasion p-lymph node metastasis Histology Tumor diameter (mm) Regimens of chemotherapy Survival time (months) Status
1 Gastrectomy with
adjuvant chemotherapy
56 M SE N1 tub2 45 S-1, SP 81.2 Alive
2 Gastrectomy with
adjuvant chemotherapy
32 M SE N3 sig 80 S-1 58.8 Dead
3 Gastrectomy with
adjuvant chemotherapy
61 M SE N1 por 40 SOX, S-1 46.4 Alive
4 Gastrectomy with
adjuvant chemotherapy
61 M SE N2 por 50 S-1 40.2 Alive
5 Conversion gastrectomy 57 F SS N0 por 133 SP 68.9 Dead
6 Conversion gastrectomy 74 M SS N0 tub1 25 SP 57.4 Alive
7 Palliative chemotherapy 67 F cSE NX por 80 XELOX 39.6 Alive
  1. tub1 well-differentiated tubular adenocarcinoma, tub2 moderately differentiated tubular adenocarcinoma, por poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma, sig signet ring cell carcinoma, SOX S-1 plus oxaliplatin, SP S-1 plus cisplatin, XELOX capecitabine plus oxaliplatin