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Table 1 Features of 3 selected circRNAs

From: Construction of a circRNA-miRNA-mRNA network based on differentially co-expressed circular RNA in gastric cancer tissue and plasma by bioinformatics analysis

CircRNA ID GSE83521 GSE93541 Chromosome location Gene symbol Accession number
P value Log2FC P value Log2FC
hsa_circ_0001013 0.0003 1.9539 0.0023 1.7488 Chr2:61339656-61345251+ KIAA1841 NM_001129993
hsa_circ_0007376 0.0000 1.9983 0.0199 3.2983 Chr19:4101016-4101278- MAP2K2 NM_030662
hsa_circ_0043947 0.0289 1.8146 0.0000 3.1526 Chr17:41199659-41215968- BRCA1 NM_007300