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Table 1 Summary of patients with GI metastasis from HCC in case report literature

From: Colon metastasis from hepatocellular carcinoma: a case report and literature review

Study (year) Age Sex Underlying liver disease Symptom Site of metastasis Interval (year) Previous treatment Survival period
Zhu et al. (2016) [8] 47 M Hepatitis B Positive in FOBT* Transverse colon 5 Surgery, TAE, TACE Over 12 months
Yoo et al. (2010) [9] 47 M Hepatitis B Abdominal pain Sigmoid colon 1.5 TACE Over 4 months
Igawa et al. (2013) [10] 60 M Liver cirrhosis type B Melena and anemia Ileum Unknown Chemotherapy 2 months
Huang et al. (2011) [11] 57 F Hepatitis C Bloody stool Rectum 1.5 Surgery Unknown
Nozaki et al. (2008) [12] 69 M Unknown Abdominal pain and hematochezia Ascending colon 2 Surgery Less than 1 month
Tapuria et al. (2007) [13] 67 M Autoimmune chronic active hepatitis Bleeding per rectum, anemia Proximal ascending colon 10 Immunosuppression A few months
Kohli et al. (2014) [14] 50 F Cryptogenic cirrhosis Hematochezia Splenic flexure 4 Orthotopic liver transplant, radioembolization Unknown
Ou et al. (2014) [15] 62 M Hepatitis B Tenesmus Ascending colon and rectum 3 Surgery, RFA, PEI, CyberKnife stereotactic radiosurgery, TACE 1 month
Kanazawa et al. (2018) [16] 76 M Alcoholic cirrhosis Lightheadedness and melena Upper jejunum and 5 cm from the lesion on the anal side Unknown Surgery, TACE, sorafenib 2 weeks
Iwaki et al. (2008) [17] 60 M Acute hepatitis, hepatitis C, liver cirrhosis Asymptomatic Jejunum 4 Surgery, RFA, TACE Unknown
Yang et al. (1987) [18] 31 M Unknown Anemia Proximal jejunum 1.5 Surgery Unknown
Cosenza et al. (1999) [19] 82 F Hepatitis C Weakness, fatigue, bright red blood per rectum Ascending colon 4 Surgery, chemotherapy Unknown
Kim et al. (1999) [20] 65 M Hepatitis B Periumbilical pain Jejunum 3 None Unknown
Hirashita et al. (1999) [21] 79 M Hepatitis C Epigastralgia Transverse colon 1.5 TACE 6 months
  69 M Hepatitis C Melena and abdominal distension Hepatic flexure and diaphragm 2.5 RFA and TACE 1 month
  1. *FOBT, fecal occult blood test
  2. TAE, transcatheter arterial embolization
  3. TACE, transcatheter arterial angiography and chemoembolization
  4. RFA, radiofrequency ablation
  5. ,PEI, percutaneous ethanol injection