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Table 1 Factors associated with ARM node metastases

From: Using the axillary reverse mapping technique to screen breast cancer patients with a high risk of lymphedema

CharacteristicARM positive (n = 9)ARM negative (n = 21)P value
Age, years    1.000
 ≥ 50666.71466.7 
 < 50333.3733.3 
cT stage    0.188
cN stage    0.093
Histological type    0.128
ER status    0.300
PR status    0.418
HER2 status    0.666
Ki-67 status    0.229
Neoadjuvant therapy    1.000
Axillary surgery    0.204
  1. cT clinical tumour, cN clinical lymph node, ER oestrogen receptor, PR progesterone receptor, Her-2 human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, SLNB sentinel lymph node biopsy, ALND axillary lymph node dissection, ARM axillary reverse mapping