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Table 3 Comparison of groups by using Japanese Breast Cancer Society Cosmetic Evaluation Scale (JBCS)

From: Comparison of breast cancer patients who underwent partial mastectomy (PM) with mini latissimus dorsi flap (MLDF) and subcutaneous mastectomy with implant (M + I) regarding quality of life (QOL), cosmetic outcome and survival rates

JBCS Cosmetic Evaluation ScoreGroup 1 (PM + MLDF)Group 2 (M + I)p value
Bad1 (0.5%)a2(3.6%)a0.01
Moderate85 (45.7%)b35(62.5%)a 
Good92 (49.5%)b15(26.8%)a 
Perfect8 (4.3%)a4(7.1%)a 
  1. Chi-Square test was used to compare the two groups