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Table 6 Results of multivariable survival analyses for RFS according to the extended Cox regression model in cutaneous melanoma

From: Time-varying pattern of recurrence risk for localized melanoma in China

VariableHR95%CI of HRP
Primary site  < 0.01
Tumor thickness  < 0.01
 > 4 mm1.961.59–2.43 
 ≤ 4 mm1  
Ulceration  0.005
Regional lymph node metastasis  < 0.01
 YesExp [1.906–0.519ln(t)]  
Wound infection  < 0.001
Adjuvant therapy  < 0.001
  1. CSD melanoma on skin with chronic sun-induce damage; non-CSD melanoma on skin without chronic sun-induce damage; t follow-up time after surgery