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Table 4 Risk factors associated with morbidity of organ/space surgical site infection

From: Significance of bile culture surveillance for postoperative management of pancreatoduodenectomy

FactorsUnivariate analysisMultivariate analysis
oSSI(−) n = 26oSSI(+) n = 43p valuehazard ratio (95% CI)p value
Smoking history(+)/(−)4/2213/300.1632.7 (1.65–647)0.02
Operative time (min)≥ 360/≤ 35913/1332/110.04  
Blood loss (g)≥ 400/≤ 39916/1014/290.02  
Pancreatic textureSoft/hard5/2131/11< 0.0117.2 (1.77–168)0.01
Main pancreatic duct diameter (mm)≤ 3/≥ 49/1726/130.01  
Preoperative bile culturePositive/negative10/1618/250.78  
Drug resistant pathogen in preoperative bile culturePositive/negative4/227/360.92  
  1. Abbreviations: PDAC pancreatic adenocarcinoma, oSSI organ/space surgical site infection, CI confident interval