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Table 4 Local recurrence and distant metastasis in TME or LE

From: Survival analysis of local excision vs total mesorectal excision for middle and low rectal cancer in pT1/pT2 stage and intermediate pathological risk

PatientsSexAgeOperationAdjuvant therapyLocal recurrenceDistant metastasisDAV (cm)Tumor diameter (cm)T stageN stageResection margin (cm)
LE 1F51TEMNoExcision siteLung54.0T1n/a0.1
LE 2M31TEMCCRTNoLung51.0T1n/a0.1
LE 3F74PolypectomyNoExcision siteLung53.8T1n/a< 0.1
LE 4F26TRENoExcision siteNo34.0T1n/a< 0.1
TME 1M58LARNoAnastomosisLiver33.2T1N00.5
TME 2F49LARNoNoPA nodes82.0T2N01.7
TME 3M54LARNoAnastomosisNo42.0T2N00.7
TME 4M71LARNoPresacralLung62.0T2N01.0
TME 5F68LARNoNoLung52.0T2N00.7
TME 6F63LARNoNoLung82.7T2N02.0
TME 7F55APRNoNoLung32.5T2N03.0
TME 8M75APRNoNoLung32.4T2N03.0
TME 9M76LARNoNoBrain52.1T2N1b0.6
TME 10M72APRNoNoLung2.54.5T1N02.5
  1. APR Abdomino-perineal resection, CCRT concurrent chemoradiation, DAV distance from anal verge, LAR low anterior resection, LE local excision, PA para-aortic, TEM trans-anal endoscopic surgery, TME total mesorectal excision, TRE trans-rectal excision