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Table 1 Basic characteristics of included studies and long-term survival in both extended and non-extended LND groups

From: Extended versus non-extended lymphadenectomy during radical cystectomy for patients with bladder cancer: a meta-analysis of the effect on long-term and short-term outcomes

AuthorYearStudy designType of LNDNumber of casesMedian number of removed LNsFollow-up, month (C/I)Neoadjuvant or adjuvant therapyNOS gradeEvidence level
Poulsen1998Cohort studiessLNDeLND68126142561.7/23.5None92b
Dhar2008Cohort studieslLNDeLND336322122251/36NR82b
Abol-Enein2011Cohort studiessLNDseLND200200164950.2None92b
Holmer2009Cohort studieslLNDeLND6910183794/38Adjuvant CT92b
Hugen2010Cohort studiessLNDseLND20654946NRNR72b
Jensena2012Cohort studieslLNDmixed204265623113/45None92b
Simone2012Cohort studiessLNDeLND584349182996Adjuvant CT/RT92b
Gschwend2018RCTsLNDseLND203198193143Adjuvant CT91b
Adbi2016Cohort studiessLNDeLND10510592118/19Neoadjuvant CT82b
Andrea2019Cohort studiessLNDMixed2003413NRNRNR92b
  1. C control group, I intervention group, LN lymph node, CT chemotherapy, RT radiotherapy, NR not recorded, lLND = limited LND, sLND standard LND, eLND extended LND, seLND super-extended LND, mixed a mixture of extended and super-extended LND, RCT randomized controlled trial, NOS Newcastle-Ottawa scale
  2. aThe number of removed LNs was the mean number in each group