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Table 3 Baseline characteristics related to prognosis

From: Does high-grade dysplasia/carcinoma in situ of the biliary duct margin affect the prognosis of extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma? A meta-analysis

OutcomeStudiesParticipantsEffect modelOR (95% CI)
HGD/CIS vs. R0
Adjuvant therapy3377Fixed1.55 (0.75–3.20)
Differentiation (moderate/poor)5660Fixed0.62 (0.36–1.06)
Venous invasion3389Fixed1.87 (0.83–4.21)
Perineural invasion4575Fixed1.00 (0.52–1.91)
pT 3/4*4494Fixed0.57 (0.29–1.10)
pN 1/2*3388Fixed0.52 (0.24–1.15)
Adjuvant therapy4203Fixed0.79 (0.42–1.47)
Differentiation (moderate/poor)5126Fixed0.50 (0.23–1.08)
Venous invasion376Random0.30 (0.02–4.07)
Perineural invasion495Fixed0.44 (0.15–1.33)
pT 3/4*4102Fixed0.44 (0.19–1.02)
pN 1/2*373Fixed0.62 (0.22–1.76)
  1. *According to the 8th edition American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging guidelines