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Table 1 Characteristics of our patient and previously reported patients with rectovaginal septum tumors related to endometriosis

From: Endometrioid adenocarcinoma of the rectovaginal septum with invasion of the rectum: a case report and review of literature

Author/yearPatient age (years)Signs/symptomsMedical historyBody typeLaboratory testsRadiology/ultrasonic findingsHistologyTreatmentFollow-up
Dockerty et al. [1], 195454Serosanguineous vaginal dischargeThyroidectomyNDNDNDAdenocarcinomaTH+BSO+LN/RTDOD 2 years
Dockerty et al. [1], 195445A small reddish area on the posterior lip of the cervixNDObeseNormalNDAdenocarcinomaTH+BSO+LN/RTNR 10 years
Lash and Rubenstone [2], 195932Severe low back pain, cyclic vaginal bleedingSTHObeseNormalUpper and lower gastrointestinal roentgen studies were normalAdenocarcinomaCervicectomy, RRND
Young and Gamble [3], 196947Intermittent vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, and a cul-de-sac massSTHNDNDNDAdenoacanthomaPelvic exenteration+RTUnknown
Goldberg et al. [4], 197848A hemorrhagic nodule on the posterior vaginal wallSpontaneously aborted through a lacerationNDNDNDClear cell adenocarcinomaTH+LN+RR+resection of the upper half of the vaginaMetastatic nodes 9 months later
Addison et al. [5], 197937Vagina1 and rectal bleedingTH+celiotomy+nephrectomyObeseNDNDAdenoacanthomaRT/CTDOD 1 year
Yazbeck et al. [6], 200525Lower abdominal pain and dyspareunia; painful retrocervical noduleTotal thyroidectomy + appendectomyNDCA125: 700 U/mLUS showed a heterogeneous pelvic mass; MRI confirmed the central pelvic mass.Papillary adenocarcinomaRT/TH+RRNR 2 years
Ulrich et al. [7], 200551Irregular vaginal bleedingVaginal hysterectomyNDNDPelvic MRI confirmed a tumor of the rectosigmoid colonGlandular and papillary tumorRR+BSO+vagina and parakolpium resection+LN+RTRE 2 years later
Mabrouk et al. [8], 201136Abdominal discomfortUnknownNDCa125 and Ca19.9 were elevatedCT scan showed a retro-uterine mass; US scan revealed both slightly enlarged ovaries and a retrocervical massClear cell and endometrioid adenocarcinomaTH+LN+omentectomy+appendicectomy+CT(cisplatinum)+RR□NR 2 months
Present case, 201957Vaginal bleeding and left lower abdominal painCaesarean section and myomectomyOverweightCa125, Ca19.9, and HE4 were elevatedUS scan showed an irregular complex mass in the rectovaginal fossa, PET/CT showed a mass with FDG uptake in the rectovaginal fossa.AdenocarcinomaTH+LN+omentectomy+peritonectomy+appendicectomy+partial rectal resection+CTNR 6 months
  1. RT, radiation therapy; TH, total hysterectomy; STH, subtotal hysterectomy; BSO, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy; LN, lymph node dissection; CT, chemotherapy; RR, rectal resection; RE, recurrence; NR, no recurrence; DOD, dead of disease; ND, not described; US, ultrasound; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; PET/CT, positron emission tomography/computed tomography; FDG, fluorodeoxyglucose