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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of surgical treatment of cervical MFD

From: Monostotic fibrous dysplasia at C7 treated with vertebroplasty: a case report and review of the literature

ReportSexAgeSiteSymptomsTreatmentOutcome (months)
Rosendahl-Jensen (1956) [12]F35C4Post-traumaticCurettage and bone graftingAsymptomatic (12)
Stirrat et al. (1989) [13]M25C2Neck painPosterior occipital-C4 fusion, PAsymptomatic (24)
Hu et al. (1990) [14]M41C2Neck painArthrodesis at C1-C3, PAsymptomatic (18)
Ohki (1990) [15]F20C2No pain, local expansionCurettage and bone graftingAsymptomatic (60)
Villas and Martínez-Peric (1992) [16]M11C4Painful torticollisRemoval with instrumented fusion, A/PAsymptomatic (48)
Marshman et al. (2004) [17]M35C3Pathological fractureCorpectomy with instrumented fusion, AAsymptomatic (18)
Arantes et al. (2008) [18]F53C1Neck painLaminectomy with curettage, PAsymptomatic (48)
Sambasivan et al. (2008) [19]M35C4Neck painLaminectomy, PAsymptomatic (3 weeks)
Kotil and Ozyuvaci (2010) [20]M55C2Neck painVP, AAsymptomatic (12)
Meredith and Healey (2011) [21]M41C2Neck painC1-C3 fusion, PAsymptomatic (240)
Bangash et al. (2011) [22]M16C1HeadacheLaminectomy, PAsymptomatic (18)
Wu et al. (2013) [23]M (1)37C4Neck painExcision, A/PAsymptomatic (24)
M (2)48C2-C3Incidental findingCurettage, PAsymptomatic (34)
M (3)53C2Neck painCurettage, PAsymptomatic (33)
Yang et al. (2016) [24]M21C7Neck painCorpectomy with instrumented fusion, AAsymptomatic (36)
F42C7Neck painCorpectomy with instrumented fusion, AAsymptomatic (6)
XIN 2019F56C7Neck painVP, AAsymptomatic (12)
  1. A anterior approach, F female, M male, P posterior approach, VP vertebroplasty, PVP percutaneous vertebroplasty