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Table 4 A novel scoring system of predicting life expectancy for the patients with metastatic spine tumor from lung cancer

From: Prognostic factors in patients with metastatic spine tumors derived from lung cancer—a novel scoring system for predicting life expectancy

Predictive factor Score (points)
General condition
 Poor (KPS 10–40%) 0
 Moderate (KPS 50–70%) 2
 Good (KPS 80–100%) 4
 Complete (Frankel A, B) 0
 Incomplete (Frankel C, D) 1
 None (Frankel E) 2
 Non-adenocarcinoma 0
 Adenocarcinoma 2
Molecular target drug
 No use 0
 Use 2
  1. 6 points predictive score: general condition + paralysis
  2. 10 points predictive score: general condition + paralysis + pathology + molecular target drug
  3. KPS indicates Karnofsky’ s performance status