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Table 5 Hub genes and its screening stem loop miRNAs

From: Identification of hub genes with prognostic values in gastric cancer by bioinformatics analysis

Gene Screening stem loop miRNAs Total
COL1A1 hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-144 hsa-miR-29c hsa-miR-7 hsa-miR-556 21
COL1A2 hsa-let-378 hsa-miR-144 hsa-miR-7 hsa-miR-556 hsa-miR-200c 32
COL3A1 hsa-miR-7 hsa-miR-556 hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-200c hsa-miR-18a 44
COL4A1 hsa-miR-222 hsa-miR-429 hsa-miR-96 hsa-miR-33b hsa-miR-556 23
COL6A3 hsa-miR-200c hsa-miR-96 hsa-miR-7 hsa-miR-592 hsa-miR-200a 38
MMP7 hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-503 hsa-miR-19a hsa-miR-301b hsa-miR-509 11
SERPINH1 hsa-miR-101 hsa-miR-29c hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-195 4
SPARC hsa-miR-7 hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-18a hsa-miR-19a hsa-miR-96 38
SPP1 hsa-miR-29c hsa-miR-139 hsa-miR-195 hsa-miR-101 hsa-miR-129 6
THBS2 hsa-miR-144 hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-7 hsa-miR-200c hsa-miR-592 39
VCAN hsa-miR-378 hsa-miR-556 hsa-miR-200c hsa-miR-7 hsa-miR-96 38