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Table 1 Recent reports of non-small round cell soft tissue sarcoma metastasis from extremity to the thyroid gland

From: Single metastasis of myxoid liposarcoma from the thigh to thyroid gland: a case report

Authors Year Agea Sex Primary site Histological diagnosis Laterality of the thyroid lobe Note
Bashir et al. [4] 2002 58 Female Buttock Pleomorphic liposarcoma Right  
Azar et al. [5] 2003 30 Female Thigh Pleomorphic liposarcoma Right  
Brandwein-Gensler et al. [6] 2004 86 Female Thigh Liposarcoma Left Collison tumor
Wood et al. [2] 2004 71 Unknown Thigh Leiomyosarcoma Unknown  
Tysome et al. [7] 2006 51 Male Femor Myxoid liposarcoma Right  
Vankalakunti et al. [8] 2008 30 Male Ankle UPS/MFH Right  
Our case   52 Male Thigh Myxoid liposarcoma Right  
  1. UPS undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma, MFH malignant fibrous histiocytoma
  2. aAge at diagnosis of thyroid gland metastasis