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Table 3 Reported cases of resected solitary recurrence from esophageal cancer in other sites

From: The role of surgical treatment in isolated organ recurrence of esophageal cancer—a systematic review of the literature

Author and year Recurrence site Initial TNM stage Disease-free interval following esophagectomy Overall survival following recurrence resection
Sun et al. 2014 Kidney T2N0M0 9 months 3 months
O’Sullivan et al. 2013 Adrenal glands T3N0M0 4 years 4 years alive
Fumagalli et al. 2010 Adrenal glands T2bN1M0 13 months 12 months
Cho et al. 2007 Adrenal glands T2N1M0 8 months 42 months alive
Sanyal et al. 2005 Spleen T3N1Mx 15 months 7 months alive
Lim et al. 2004 Kidney N/S 25 months N/S
Saito et al. 2010 (published in Japanese) Adrenal glands N/S 1 year and 10 months 5 years and 11 months
Hata et al. 2000 (published in Japanese) Adrenal glands N/S 8 months 14 months alive
Miyoshi et al. 1997 Kidney N/S 1 year 2 months
Shimada et al. 1992 (published in Japanese) Adrenal glands N/S 4 months 18 months alive
  1. Not stated