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Table 1 Clinical data of patients with spinal ASPS and literature review

From: Surgical management and outcome of spinal alveolar soft part sarcoma (ASPA): a case series of five patients and literature review

No. Age, sex Preoperative status Treatment Follow-up
Loca OML Pri/LR/meta (PS) AT F-S pre Blood loss (ml) Surgery time (min) Type Appro Comp F-S post Follow-up month LR/meta Last status
1 28, M L5 Lung pubis Meta (right leg) Targ/radio C 3200 110 Piecemeal Post   D 34   AWD
2 30, M S3-5   Pri   D 1000 230 Piecemeal Post   E 15   NED
3 22, F S2 Lung LR Chemo D NA 230 Piecemeal Post   E 13   NED
4 44, F L2-4 Lung, scull Meta (sacrum) Chemo/radio D 1000 155 Piecemeal Post   D 3 Recu  
   L2/3 Lung, scull LR Chemo/radio C 1000 130 Piecemeal Post   D 21   AWD
5 16, F S1-5   Pri   D-C 5000 505 Piecemeal Post Wound disunion D 3 Meta  
   C7T1 Lung Meta Chemo C 2000 170 Piecemeal Ant   C 1 Recu  
   C6-7 Lung LR Chemo A 1600 300 Piecemeal Post   B 4   DOD
Zhu et al. [10] 23, M T12   Pri   NA NA NA Piecemeal Post NA NA NA NA NA
Zadnik et al. [9] 28, F S1-3   Pri   C NA NA En-bloc NA NA D 26 Recu DOD
Lizzati et al. [11] 36, F T3-6 NA Meta (NA) Chemo/radio D 2500 880 En-bloc Thoracotomy post Meningocele E 18   NED
  1. Loca location, OML other metastatic lesions, Pri primary, LR local recurrence, Meta metastasis, PS primary site, AT adjuvant therapy, F-S Pre preoperative Frankel score, Appro approach, Comp complication, F-S post postoperative Frankel score, M male, F female, NA not available, Targ targeted therapy, Chemo chemotherapy, Radio radiotherapy, DOD died of disease, NED no evidence of disease, AWD alive with disease