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Fig. 3

From: Effectiveness of postoperative elemental diet (Elental®) in elderly patients after gastrectomy

Fig. 3

Improvement rates in total protein, albumin, and Hb levels at 1 month after surgery. The rates were significantly higher in the N-group than in the C-group. a C-group vs. N-group, 12.9 vs. 9.1 % for total protein levels (p = 0.027). b C-group vs. N-group, 9.3 vs. 18.9 % for albumin levels (p = 0.005). c C-group vs. N-group, 5.3 vs. 15.1 % for Hb level (p = 0.048). d CRP levels were not significantly different (p = 0.578)

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