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Table 1 Clinical and angiographic data of five patients with arterial esophageal bleeding

From: Transcatheter arterial embolization with N-butyl cyanoacrylate for arterial esophageal bleeding in esophageal cancer patients

No. Age (year) Staging Origin of esophageal artery Treatment progress of esophageal cancer Coagulopathy Bleeding site Angiographic finding The ratio of NBCA/Lipiodol Result of admission
1 70 pT1bN3M0 Aorta (right bronchial artery) Post-operation radiation 3 months Present Right pleural, mediastinum Pseudoaneurysm 1:3 Died due to multiorgan failure 2 months later
2 66 cT3N1M1 Aorta (right bronchial artery) Pre-operation radiation day 2 Present Esophagus Extravasation 1:2 Discharged without event
3 75 pT1bN0M0 Aorta Post-operation 8 years Present Esophagus, right pleural, peritoneal, mediastinum Extravasation and pseudoaneurysm 1:1.5 Died due to multiorgan failure 6 days later
4 77 pT3N3M0 Aorta Post-operation day 1 Present Right pleural, peritoneal, mediastinum Extravasation 1:3 Discharged without event
5 68 pT3N1M0 Aorta Post-operation day 10 Absent Mediastinum Extravasation 1:3 Discharged without event
  1. All of the patients were male