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Table 3 Comparison of clinical outcomes and radiographic findings before and after surgery

From: Single posterior approach for circumferential decompression and anterior reconstruction using cervical trabecular metal mesh cage in patients with metastatic spinal tumour

  Pre-op status Post-op status P value
VAS 8.2 ± 0.6a 3.2 ± 0.6a <0.001
MBC Pb Gb <0.001
FS Db Eb <0.001
CA −6.1 ± 21.7a 5.9 ± 20.7a <0.001
  1. Pre-op pre-operative, Post-op post-operative, VAS visual analogue scale (0 means no pain and 10 the most pain possible), MBC modified Brodsky criteria (P poor, F fair, G good, E excellent) FS Frankel scale (A complete paralysis, B sensory function only below the injury level, C incomplete motor function below the injury level, D fair to good motor function below the injury level, E normal function), CA Cobb’s angle (minus indicates sagittal kyphotic angle (opposed to sagittal lordotic angle))
  2. amean ± standard deviation
  3. bmedian