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Table 1 Reported intracranial epidermoid tumors with extension into the spinal canal

From: Epidermoid cyst with unusual magnetic resonance characteristics and spinal extension

Author (year) Age Sex Main location Extension level MR signal Surgical removal
MacCarty et al. (1959) [14] 24 F Rt. CP angle Upper cervical N/A Subtotal
Keville and Wise (1959) [15] 62 Not reported Fourth ventricle Upper cervical N/A Partial
Ishii et al. (1983) [16] 53 M Pontine Upper cervical N/A Subtotal
Hasegawa et al. (1989) [13] 61 M Rt. CP angle C1-C2 intervertebral level T2W SE: hyper-intensity Subtotal
IR: hypo-intensity
Teo et al. (2006) [7] 27 F Lt. CP angle C2 level T1W SE: hyper-intensity Subtotal
T2W SE: hypo-intensity
Present case 46 M Both CP angles C1-C2 intervertebral level   Subtotal