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Table 3 Genetics test results of the elderly NDLM patients

From: Analysis of clinical features, treatment response, and prognosis among 61 elderly newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients: a single-center report

Patient No. Chromosome FISH
1 13 q14 and 14q32 No FISH
2 46xx Amplification of 1q21
3 46xx IGH/FGFR3+
4 46xx Negative
5 46xx Amplification of 1q21
6 46xy Amplification of 1q21, IGH/FGFR3+
7 46xy Negative
8 46xx 17p-
9 46xy Negative
10 46xx Amplification of 1q21 and CCND1
11 Complex karyotype abnormalities Negative
12 46xy 17p-, amplification of IGH
13 46xy Amplification of 1q21
14 46xy Amplification of 1q21, I GH and FGFR3
15 46xy No FISH
16 46xy No FISH
17 46xy Negative
18 46xx No FISH
19 46xx Amplification of 1q21
20 46xx No FISH
21 46xy Amplification of 1q21 and IGH/MAF+
22 46xy Negative
23 Hypodiploid of chromosome abnormalities 17p-, 13q-, and amplification of IGH
24 46xy Negative
25 Complex chromosome abnormalities Amplification of 1q21, 17p-, IGH/CCND1+
  1. Twenty-five cases of patients with a chromosome examination, including four cases of abnormal chromosomal changes. Nineteen patients had FISH testing; among them, 13 patients had abnormal FISH changes