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Table 2 MCL involved in LGs and SGs

From: A case of mantle cell lymphoma presenting as IgG4-related dacryoadenitis and sialoadenitis, so-called Mikulicz’s disease

Case Sex Age Regions   Ann Arbor staging Author Year
1 Female 42 LG, PG, SMG Bilateral II Palaniswamy [22] 2009
2 Male 52 LG, PG, SMG Bilateral II Sagar [21] 2011
3 Male 82 LG, PG, SMG Bilateral IIE This case 2015
  1. MCL mantle cell lymphoma, LG lacrimal glands, SG salivary gland, PG parotid gland, SMG submandibular gland, SLG sublingual gland, LSG labial salivary gland