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Table 1 Characteristics of the included studies

From: Surgical treatment of primitive gastro-intestinal lymphomas: a systematic review

Author/Year Types of study N° of total evaluated patients Inclusion criteria Surgical treatment +/- medical theraphy Medical theraphy alone Mean follow-up Results
        Overall survival Event-free survival
Avilés et al. [8]
241 Patients with low-grade gastric MALT lymphoma age < 70 yr old, no gender difference, ECOG status ≤2, immunodeficiency virus test negative,
tumor mass > 5, previously untreated, stage I or IIE (according to the Lugano Conference criteria)
80 patients received surgery alone
(total gastrectomy)
78 patients received only radiotherapy
83 patients received only chemotherapy
7, 5 years
(range 4.8-11.6 yr)
10 years
80% S group
75% R group
85% C group
10 years
52% S group
52% R group
87% C group
Gobbi et al. [10]
PNR 154 Patients who fulfilled Lewin's criteria for diagnosing PGL (stomach and intestinal). Low-grade MALT lymphomas were excluded from this study 106 patients received
chemotherapy plus surgery
48 patients received chemotherapy
Radiotherapy was optionally given only when residual
tumor masses seemed to persist at restaging after primary
therapy or when bulky masses were present at onset.
Popescu et al. [9]
PNR 37 Patients with a histological diagnosis of intermediate or high-grade NHL according to the Working Formulation (WF) involving the stomach were included. Patients who received radiotherapy but no chemotherapy treatment were not included.
Patients in whom lymphoma diagnosis predated demonstration of gastric involvement or where the bulk of the disease and its manifestations was extra-abdominal, nodal, hepatic or splenic were considered to have secondary involvement of the stomach were excluded.
13 Surgery and chemotherapy
5 total gastrectomy
8 partial gastrectomy
24 patients received chemotherapy alone 53 months 5 years
60% in S+C group
67% in medical therapy group
5 years
85 > % % in S+C group
62% in medical therapy group
Binn et al. [11]
84 Patients with diffuse large B-cell
primary gastric lymphoma with stage IE and IIE according to the Ann Arbor staging system. Mediterranean lymphoma, human immunodeficiency virus-related lymphoma and post-transplantation
lymphoma were not included.
40 patients received surgery plus chemotherapy
21 total gastrectomy
19 partial gastrectomy
44 patients received chemotherapy alone
7 patients received additional radiotherapy
59 months
(range 3-128)
5 years
90, 5% in S+C group
91, 1% in medical therapy group
5 years
85, 5% in S+C group
91, 6% in medical terapy group
Koch et al. [6]
185 Patients with all histological tips of gastric low and high grade lymphoma but only in stage I E and II E 1- 2.
Patients who were older than 75 years and/or presented with second malignancies,
had missing confirmation of histologic subtype by central review, or had comorbidity prohibiting therapy were excluded from study
79 patients received
complete or partial resection
in combination with
radio- and/or chemotherapy
106 patients received only radio- and/or chemotherapy 52 months
(range 0-92 months)
5 years
84, 2% in medical therapy group
Combined surgical treatment
5 years
78.7% in medical therapy group
78, 9%
Combined surgical treatment
  1. RCT = randomised clinical trial; PNR = prospective non randomised; NI = not indicated; S = surgery; R = radiotherapy; C = chemotherapy