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Table 2 Prognostic factors in Marjolin's ulcers [19-24]

From: Marjolin's ulcers: theories, prognostic factors and their peculiarities in spina bifida patients

  Variable Better Poorer
Clinical Latency to malignancy Less than 5 years More than 5 years
  Tumor location Head, neck, upper extremeties Lower limbs, trunk
  Tumor source Post-burn, chronic osteomyelitis Pressure sore carcinomas
  Tumor diameter Smaller than 2 cm 2 cm or more
  Tumor type Exophytic Infiltrative
  Metastases None Present
  Tumor recurrence None Present
Histological Degree of differentiation Well differentiated Moderately-well and poorly differentiated
  Peritumoral T lymphocyte infiltration Heavy Scarce or absent
  Depth of dermal invasion Superficial to reticular dermis Reticular dermis or deeper
  Vertical tumor thickness Less than 4 mm thick 4 mm thick or more