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Archived Comments for: Genomic and oncoproteomic advances in detection and treatment of colorectal cancer

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  1. Errors and omissions

    Puthen Veettil Jithesh, Queen's University Belfast

    12 August 2009

    A good review, but from just browsing through the article I found some typos, errors etc. For example, the word "its" is wrongly spelt as "it's" in all the places. On page 2, para 1, under the heading "Genomics", epidermal growth factor receptor has a short form of "EGRF" which should be "EGFR". On para 2, there is omission of word "was" in the last sentence. Further, on para 3, there is a description of the work by Del Rio et al (2007) and a statement at the end: "Since it's publication there have been several further studies". Two of the references for "further studies" were actually published before the Del Rio study.

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