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Table 1 Eight reported cases of squamous cell carcinoma with intradural spinal metastasis in which the initial symptoms appeared in the spinal cord and cauda equina, but not in the brain

From: Intradural squamous cell carcinoma in the sacrum

Author Age Gender Primary tumor Involved location of metastasis  
Connolly 62 m Lung C4-6 (Intramedullary)
Hirose 57 m Lung T6-8 (Intramedullary)
Tashima 77 m Lung L1-2 (Intramedullary)
Amin 29 f Cervix C4 (Intramedullary)
Cho 59 m Anal canal L3-5 (Cauda equina)
Stambough 73 m Lung L1 (Cauda equina)
Okamoto 69 m Lung Thoracic (Extramedullary)
Thompson 63 m Supraglottic larynx lumbar (Cauda equina)