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Table 1 Published case reports involving low grade TCC distant metastasis following either bladder preserving techniques or radical cystectomy.

From: Low grade papillary transitional cell carcinoma pelvic recurrence masquerading as high grade invasive carcinoma, ten years after radical cystectomy

Author Bladder Histology Primary treatment Duration of recurrence Site of Recurrence Histology of recurrence
Saito (1998) [6] Intermediate TURBT and BCG 18 month Scrotal skin Intermediate
Kumar et al (2001) [11] Well differentiated TURBT 6 years Omental, Left pelvic lymph node mass N/A
Ku etal (2005) [10] Low grade Invasive Radical Cystectomy 20 years Skin and Pelvis Well Differentiated
Dougherty et al (2008) [12] Low Grade Sup. TCC Multiple TURBT's and Intravesical therapy Case 1–10 years Case 2–15 years Lung metastasis Low grade