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Table 1 Reported cases of primary gastric Hodgkin's Lymphoma showing immuno/histological characteristics and pre-operative diagnosis between 1990 and August 2007.

From: Primary gastric Hodgkin's lymphoma

Author Year Immuno/Histology Immunohistochemistry Histology Pre op endoscopic biopsy Cases Ref.
Ogawa et al 1995 CD30+, CD45+ CD15-, EMA- RS cells B-cell malignant lymphoma 1 5
Mori et al. 1995 CD30+, CD3-, CD15 not done Atypical multinucleate cells Ulcerative lesion 1 18
Zippel et al. 1997 - RS cells Adenocarcinoma 1 19
Venizelos et al. 2005 CD30+, CD15+, EMA- CD20+(weak), CD79a- Atypical mononuclear cells & RS cells Chronic Gastritis 1 20
Penázová et al 2007 CD15+, CD30+ Large mononuclear cells & RS cells Hodgkin's Disease 1 21
Saito et al 2007 CD30+, CD20+, CD79a+, CD3-, CD15-, EMA-, Oct-2+, Bob-1+ Atypical multinuclear cells & RS cells Inconclusive biopsy 1 22