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Figure 2 | World Journal of Surgical Oncology

Figure 2

From: Inflammatory pseudotumor of the Kidney

Figure 2

Photomicrograph showing a] Vaguely nodular areas of collagenous tissue with scattered spindle cells and darker inflammatory cells at the edges of the collagenous nodules. (H & E, ×60). b] More cellular area where there is a pale, eosinophilic collagenous background with pale spindle cells and darker inflammatory cells scattered without any particular pattern. (H & E, 150). c] Pale nuclei of the spindle cells with scattered darker lymphocytes and plasma cells in a pale, eosinophilic background. (H & E, ×250). d] Immunocytochemical labeling for smooth muscle actin, shown as brown strands of filamentous material in the cytoplasm of the myofibroblasts. (Immunocytochemical labeling, smooth muscle actin, ×250).

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