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Table 1 Histologic classification and "aberrant" E-cadherin staining patterns in invasive mammary carcinomas.

From: Aberrant E-cadherin staining patterns in invasive mammary carcinoma

Case In-situ E-cadherin Invasive E-cadherin Metastasis E-cadherin
1 Lobular Negative Ductal Negative Lobular Negative
2 Ductal Pos, ++ Ductal Pos, + Lobular Pos, +++
  Lobular Negative     
3 Lobular Negative Ductal Pos, + CK-pos Not Done
    Ductal Negative   
4 Lobular Not Done Lobular Pos, +++* Lobular Pos, +++
5 Lobular Negative Lobular Negative None  
  1. *in pleomorphic areas. Weak, discontinuous positivity was seen in more classical areas of invasive carcinoma in the same tumor.
  2. Pos-positive; + weak, ++ moderate, and +++ strong cell membrane immunoreactivity.