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Table 1 Sarcoma of the renal pelvis reported in the English literature during the past two decades[210]

From: Primary Ewing sarcoma/primitive neuroectodermal tumor of the renal pelvis: a case report

First author/Year Age (yr)/Sex Symptoms & signs Side Size (cm) Therapy Histological subtype Follow-up
Chow 1994 56/F Abdominal distension R 15 RN, thromb-ectomy Leiomyosarcoma 2 yr/DOM
Ito 2000 12/M Abdominal pain, massive bleeding R NA SN Cystic embryonal sarcoma 26 yr/NED
Moudouni 2001 41/M Flank pain, gross hematuria L 2 RNU Leiomyosarcoma 8 yr/NED
Kren 2003 49/F Flank pain R 1.8 RNU Rhabdomyo-sarcoma 2 yr/NED
Minami 2004 54/M Bowel discomfort L 8 RN Leiomyosarcoma 6 mo/NED
Kartsanis 2006 44/M Gross hematuria L 5 RNU, PL Leiomyosarcoma 3 yr/NED
Tsai 2006 77/F Gross hematuria, voiding difficulty, flank tenderness R 2 RN Rhabdomyo-sarcoma 5 mo/Alive
Chung 2007 42/F Asymptomatic L 5 RN Leiomyosarcoma NA
Dhamne 2009 60/M Urinary frequency, weakness, weight loss R 10 RN Leiomyosarcoma 6 mo/NED
Our case 2012 37/M Flank pain, gross hematuria L 4 RNU, chemo-therapy Ewing’s sarcoma 4 yr/NED