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Table 1 Literature review for the intracranial angioleiomyoma

From: Angioleiomyoma, a rare intracranial tumor: 3 case report and a literature review

Author/Year Age/Sex Clinical symptoms Site and size Surgery Follow-up
Lach et al.[7] 47, M Gait abnormality with a right-sided limp for 14 months. In the leptomeninges of the right parietal lobe, No attachment to dura. 2 cm. TR. 4 yrs. NR.
Ravikumar et al.[5] 12, F Headache, seizures, left hemi-dystonia, and apraxia of eyelid closure. Right head of caudate, large and cystic. The 2nd lesion at left globus pallidus. The right one: TR en bloc. 20 mths. NR. Left lesion quiescent
Karagama et al.[9] 47, F Progressive hearing loss for 18 months. Left auditory meatus. 1 cm. TR. 1 year. NR.
Figueiredo et al.[3] 52, M Horizontal diplopia and headache for 2 yrs. Facial numbness and impaired visual acuity for 6 mths. Right cavernous sinus, 6.0 × 6.0 × 5.0 cm. Eroding the peripheral bone structure. TR. Piecemeal resection, Severe bleeding Not mentioned.
Colnat-Coulbois et al.[2] 50, M Vertical diplopia for left trochlear nerve palsy. Left cavernous sinus. About 3 cm. TR, Venous bleeding 6 yrs. NR.
Gasco et al.[10] 43, M Headache, blurred vision, dizziness, gait abnormalities. Left cerebellar lesion attached to dura. 4.4 × 3.9 × 3.9 cm. TR. NR.
Xu et al.[6] 53, M Headache for 3 months, visual deterioration. Intra-sella, cystic, less than 1 cm. TR. NR.
Zhou et al.[13] 62, M A sudden seizure. In the middle cranial fossa, near cavernous sinus. 3.7 × 3.5 × 3.3 cm. Not mentioned. 7 mths. NR.
Conner et al.[11] 42, M 8-year history of poorly localized headaches. Infratentorial and located near the incisura, 0.8-1.0 cm. TR en bloc with minimal bleeding 1 yr and 11 mths, NR.
Conner et al.[11] 36, M 8-year history of worsening daily headaches. Falcine, posterior to the splenium, 2.5 cm. Subtotal resection. 2 yrs and 2 mths, NR.
Shinde et al.[4] 60, M Headache, seizures, and irritability for 2 mths. Right putamen (2 cm). Left hippocampus, bilateral optic nerves and thickened meninges. No surgery. Died of recurrent seizures and septicemia.
Lescher et al.[12] 40, M Focal epilepsy for 2 years. In the falx cerebri, about 2 cm. TR en bloc. Not mentioned.
Current case 1 51, F Visual deterioration for 2 months. Intra-sella 3 cm. TR with severe bleeding. Died of delayed hemorrhage
Current case 2 49, M Weakness of lower limbs for 1 year. Sub-tentorium, affixed to torcular. 4.2 × 4.6 × 5.7 cm. Subtotal R. severe bleeding 1 year, NR.
Current case 3 77, M Headache for 5 months. Left temporal diploic space, 1.6 × 3.1 × 3.9 cm. TR. 1 year, NR.
  1. F: female; M: male; TR: total resection; mths: months; NR: No recurrence; yrs: years. Age is presented in years.