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Table 1 Summarized clinicopathological characteristics of previously reported primary gastric IMT

From: Primary inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of the stomach in an adult woman: a case report and review of the literature

Author Sex/Age Presenting symptoms Tumor localization in the stomach Tumor size (in cm) Mitosis (10 HPFs) Histologic pattern* Treatment Follow-up
Shi et al.[5] M/36 AP, AM Antrum, LC 4.5 cm 1-2 Myxoid hypocellular with some fascicular areas PG NED, 5 years
Shi et al.[5] M/42 AP,UGH, AM Upper body, GC 8.0 cm 1-2, focally up to 5 Fascicular with some myxoid areas PG Recurrence at 12 months after the first surgery, now NED at 2 years (11 month after the second surgery)
Shi et al.[5] M/40 AM Upper body, AW 6.3 cm 1-2 Myxoid hypocellular with some fascicular areas PG NED 3.3 years
Shi et al.[5] M/45 AP, AM Angle 5.5 cm 1-2 Myxoid hypocellular with some fascicular areas PG NED, 2.6 years
Shi et al.[5] W/40 AP, AM Lower body, PW 5.8 cm 1-2 Fascicular with some myxoid and sclerotic areas PG NED, 4 years
Albaryak et al.[7] W/56 UGH, nausea, vomiting C extending towards P 11 cm 1-2 Granulation-type and storiform spindle cell proliferation PG NED, 8 months
Leon et al.[3] W/50 Vomiting, early satiety, weight loss PW 7 cm 1-2 Patternless round and spindle cell proliferation PG NED,2 years
Park et al.[8] W/55 AP, hematoperitoneum Upper body, AW near GC 8 cm 1-2 Vague fascicular proliferation Gastric wedge resection /
Bjelovic et al. W/43 AP, pyrosis, nausea Distal stomach, below AI 6 cm 1-2 Hypercellular spindle cell proliferation with vague fascicular areas DG 2 years
  1. AP, abdominal pain; AM, abdominal mass; UGH, upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage, LC, lesser curvature of the stomach; GC, greater curvature of the stomach; AW, anterior wall of the stomach; PW, posterior wall of the stomach; C, cardia; AI, angular incisure of the stomach; PG, partial gastrectomy; DG, distal gastrectomy; NED, no evidence of disease.