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Table 1 Clinical characteristics of primary choriocarcinoma of colon

From: Primary choriocarcinoma of the colon: a case report and review of the literature

Case Sex and age (years) Location HCG (mIU/ml) Metastases on admission Associated with adenocarcinoma? Treatment Survival time
Park and Reid 1980 [5] F/49 S NS Liver lung Y Surgery 1 month
Nguyen 1982 [6] M/74 S 400 None Y Surgery 10 weeks
Ordonez and Luna 1984 [7] F/35 Cecum 1,612 Regional lymph nodes, liver Y Surgery 2 months
Kubosawa et al. 1984 [8] F/50 S 230,000 None Y Surgery 4 months
Metz et al. 1985 [9] F/42 S 154,000 Regional lymph nodes, liver, lung spleen Y None  
Lind and Haghighi 1986 [10] M/42 A 610,000 Liver N Surgery 1 month
Tokisue et al. 1996 [11] F/29 R 49,000 Lung Y Surgery, chemotherapy 11 months
Kiran et al. 2001 [12] M/68 R 700,000 Regional lymph nodes, liver Y None  
Le et al. 2003 [13] M/73 A 146,000 Liver, lung, brain N None 10 days
Verbeek et al. 2004 [14] F/54 R 6,831(P) Liver, lung Y Surgery, chemotherapy 8 months
Froylich et al. 2010 [15] F/57 Descending colon 13,000 (P) Lung N Surgery, chemotherapy 16 months
Harada et al. 2012 [4] F /58 S 2,420 None Y Surgery, chemotherapy More than 60 months
Present case 2012 M/38 A 3.38 Regional lymph nodes, liver N Surgery, chemotherapy More than 6 months
  1. A: ascending colon; C: cecum; F: female; M: male; NS: data not shown; P: postoperatively; R: rectum; S: sigmoid colon.