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Table 1 Summary of reported cases of patients undergoing MPP

From: Middle-preserving pancreatectomy: report of two cases and review of the literature

First author/year Type of MPP Patient age/gender Number of lesion Location of lesions Lesion pathology Specific surgical interventiond/Reconstruction A, B, C,D Preserved length of pancreas Post operative morbidity Post operative endocrine insufficiency Post operative exocrine insufficiency Follow up (months)
Siassi/1999[4] two 62/F 2 body/tail PDAC/PDAC atypical PPPD/ atypical LPeg/B 5 cm no yes yes NED (12)
Lloyd/2003[5] one 31/F 2 head/body/tail SPN/SPN PPPD/ atypical LPe/D 2 cm pseudocyst intervention no no NED (17)
Miura/2007[1] two 66/M 2 head/tail bIPMN (adenoma)/PDAC PD g/ atypical LPe/A 4 cm no no no NED (20)
  two 66/M 2 head/tail Vater carcinoma/IPMN (adenoma) PPPD/ atypical LPfg/A 5 cm no no no NED (10)
one 70/M 2 head/tail Vater carcinoma/ bIPMN (adenoma) PPPD/ atypical LPe/A 6 cm grade B PF noa no NED (6)
Partelli/2009[6] one 28 3M/2F 3 head/tail NF-PET /NF-PET 4PPPD,1PD/5 atypical LPe/A NA 1 patient grade A PF no yes NED (118)
  one 32 2 head/tail NF-PET (carcinoma)/ NF-PET (carcinoma) NA no no NED (22)
  one 70 5 head/tail bIPMN/bIPMN NA yes yes NED (20)
  one 35 2 head/tail bIPMN/CP NA no no NED (18)
  one 60 2 head/tail retention cyst/CP NA yes yes NED (14)
Chiang/2009[7] one 72/M 3 head/body/tail mixIPMN (cancer in situ )/bIPMN /bIPMN (atypia) extended PD/ atypical LPe/D 7 cm no noa no NED (36)
Kitasato/2010[8] one 65/F 4 head/body/tail Metastatic RCC/Metastatic RCC IPHR/ atypical LPe/D 40% volume no no no NED (31)
Ohzato/2010[9] one 67/F 5 head/body/tail Metastatic RCC/ Metastatic RCC atypical PPPD/atypical LPe/B NA bleeding reoperation yes no NED (30)
Sperti/2010[10] one 59/M 2 head/tail mixIPMN (borderline)/CP PPPD/atypical LPf/A 5cm bleeding intervention yes yes NED (11)
Chen/2011[11] one 62/F 2 head/tail Vater carcinoma/SPN PD/ atypical LPe/D NA no no no NED (6)
Horiguchi/2011[12] one 69/M 2 head/tail bIPMN (adenoma)/bIPMN (adenoma) IPHR/ atypical LPe/D NA grade B PF no no Deadh (16)
  one 67/F 5 head/tail Gastrinoma/Gastrinoma DPPHR/ atypical LPf/A 5 cm grade B PF no no NED (77)
  one 69/M 2 head/tail bIPMN (adenoma)/bIPMN (adenoma) IPHR/ atypical LPf/A NA grade B PF yesac no NED (14)
  one 83/F 2 head/tail Bile duct cancer/bIPMN (adenoma) SSPD/ atypical LPf/A 7 cm no no no NED (7)
Otani/2011[13] one 77/M 2 head/tail bIPMN(adenoma)/mainIPMN(adenoma) PPPD/ atypical LPf/C 6 cm no noab noab NED (84)
Ours one 24/F 2 head/tail SPN/SPN atypical PD/ atypical LPe/A 6 cm no yes yes NED (36)
  one 36/F 2 head/tail SCN/SCN PD/ atypical LPf/B 5 cm grade A DGE no no NED (6)
  1. CP, chronic pancreatitis; DGE, delayed gastric emptying; DPPHR, duodenum-preserving pancreatic head resection; IPHR, inferior pancreatic head resection; IPMN, intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm; bIPMN, branch duct IPMN; mixIPMN, mix duct IPMN; mainIPMN, main duct IPMN; LP, left pancreatectomy; MPP, middle-preserving pancreatectomy; NA, not available; NED, no evidence of disease; NF-PET, nonfunctioning pancreatic endocrine tumor; one, one-stage MPP; PD, pancreaticoduodenectomy; PDAC, pancreatic duct adenocarcinoma; PPPD, pylorus-sparing pancreaticoduodenectomy; RCC, renal cell carcinoma; SCN, serous cystic neoplasm; SPN, solid pseudopapillary neoplasm; SSPD, substomach-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy; two, two-stage MPP.
  2. Reconstruction A, B, C, D: A, end-to-side pancreaticojejunostomy; B, end-to-side, duct-to-mucosa pancreaticojejunostomy; C, pancreaticogastrostomy; D, not available.
  3. Postoperative endocrine insufficiency was defined as new-onset diabetes or preoperative insufficiency deteriorating. Postoperative exocrine insufficiency was defined as steatorrhea, weight loss requiring pancreatic enzymes supplementation, or preoperative insufficiency deteriorating. adiabetes or exocrine insufficiency existed preoperatively; bpreoperative insufficiency improved after operation; cpreoperative insufficiency deteriorated after operation.
  4. d(ewiths splenectomy and fwithout); gin two-stage MPP, this operation is the previous one; hdied of malignant lymphoma.
  5. No post-operative mortality occurred in any patient.