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Table 3 Adrenal pleomorphic leiomyosarcoma (PubMed and Medline search ‘pleormorphic leiomyosarcoma’ AND ‘adrenal’, limited to English language)

From: Three uncommon adrenal incidentalomas: a 13-year surgical pathology review

Ref no. First author and year Age (sex) Presenting symptoms Laterality Primary treatment Metastases Outcome
This work Kanthan R, 2011 28 (F) None (incidentaloma) Left Adrenal resection, nephrectomy, diaphragm resection and reconstruction Unknown Unknown
32 Mohanty SK, 2007 47 (F) Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, deep vein thrombosis Left Adrenalectomy, nephrectomy, radiotherapy Bilobar hepatic and bilateral pulmonary nodules, left hilar lymph node at 9 months Treated with combination chemotherapy and close follow-up
39 Candanedo-González FA, 2005 59 (F) Abdominal pain, 4 kg weight loss/3 months Left Laparotomy with adrenalectomy Local recurrence and liver metastases at 12 months Adjuvant chemotherapy and radiotherapy with metastasectomy; alive 24 months later, no evidence of disease
38 Lujan MG, 2002 63 (M) 1-year history of enlarging abdominal mass Right Preoperative chemotherapy, cholecystectomy, right hepatic lobectomy, right adrenalectomy Pulmonary, hepatic metastases and advanced local disease at time of surgery Death shortly after surgery