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Table 3 Review of the cases with positive ARM nodes

From: Evaluation of the metastatic status of lymph nodes identified using axillary reverse mapping in breast cancer patients

Case Age (years) Clinical stage (TNM) Surgery SLNB Number / locationa of ARM nodes Results of FNAC Positive / removed ARM nodes (n) Positive / removed nodes in axilla (n) Metastatic area in the ARM nodes
1 40 IIB (T2N1M0) Bp - 1/ A Positive 1/1 2/14 Mac
2 65 IIB (T2N1M0) Bt - 1/ A Inadequate 1/1 1/13b Mac
3 55 IIB (T2N0M0) Bt + 2/ A, E Positive 1/1 9/18 Mac
4 70 IIIB (T4N1M0) Bt - 2/ A,B Positive/Negative 1/2c 7/16 Mac
5 66 IIB (T2N1M0) Bp - 1/ A Suspected 1/1 15/19 Mac
6 79 IIIC (T2N3M0) Bt - 1/ A Suspected 2/2d 20/27 Mac
7 52 IIA (T0N1M0) Ax - 1/ A Inadequate 1/1 2/17 Mac
  1. aLocation of ARM nodes; Field A, B, C, D, and E are presented in Figure 2.
  2. bA single ARM node had metastasis of breast cancer although the other removed axillary lymph nodes had no metastasis.
  3. cThe metastatic ARM node (located in field A) was positive by FNAC, whereas another ARM node (located in field B) diagnosed as negative by FNAC did not involve metastatic foci pathologically.
  4. dThe removed ARM node included two lymph nodes microscopically and there were metastasis in both ARM nodes.
  5. Bp, Lumpectomy; Bt, mastectomy; FNAC, Fine needle aspiration cytology; Mac, Macrometastasis; SLNB sentinel lymph node biopsy.