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Table 1 Summarized data of patients with GIP during TKI treatment for RCC

From: Two cases of gastrointestinal perforation after radiotherapy in patients receiving tyrosine kinase inhibitor for advanced renal cell carcinoma

No. Age Type of tumor Metastatic site Previous treatment Present treatment With palliative adiation (Gy) Month after TKI (mo) Initial symptom Perforation location Treatment Pathological findings in perforation Follow up Author
1. 50 RCC Lung Inferon Sunitinib (50) (−) 6 Abdominal pain Ascending colon Surgery No malignancy Alive Hoshino et al.
2. 60 RCC Right Pelvis bone Inferon Sunitinib (50) (−) 0 Abdominal pain Jejunum Surgery Cancer metastases Death after 3- mo Hoshino et al.
3. Unknown RCC Lung High dose Interleukin- 2 Sunitinib (50) (−) 13 Abdominal pain Ascending Surgery No malignancy Unknown Flaig et al.
4. Unknown RCC Lung High-dose Interleukin-2 Sunitinib (37.5) (−) 20 Abdominal pain Ascending colon Conservative Unknown Unknown Flaig et al.
5. 61 RCC Skin Lung spine (−) Sunitinib (800) L3-5 (8) 2 Abdominal pain Transverse colon Sigmoid colon Conservative No malignancy Death after 1- day Peters
6. 48 RCC Lung Lymph node Multiple bone Interferon Sorafenib (800) Th3, L2-4 (30) 14 Abdominal pain Sigmoid colon Surgery No malignancy Death After3- mo Our case
7. 61 RCC Lung Left femoral bone Interferon Sorafenib (800) Left femoral (30) 1 Abdominal pain Sigmoid colon Surgery No malignancy Death after 29 days Our case
  1. GIP, gastrointestinal perforation; RCC, renal cell carcinoma; TKI, tyrosine kinase inhibitor.