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Table 1 Summary of published infratentorial meningiomas without dural attachment excluding the one in the fourth ventricle (n = 8)

From: Intraparenchymal papillary meningioma of brainstem: case report and literature review

Author Age (ys.) Sex Symptoms Location Computer tomography Magnetic resonance Size(mm) Surgical removal Complications Histology
Kim et al. 59 F Headache, dizziness Left cerebellum-edullary cistern Not reported T1., isointense
T2., heterogeneous C.e.,homogenous enhancement
52 × 28 Subtotal* Mild and transient dysphasia Mixed pattern of meningothelial and fibroblastic
Shibuya et al. 61 F Unsteady gait Left cerebellom-edullary cistern Round enhancing mass with multiple foci of calcification T1., isointense
T2., high intense C.e., heterogeneous enhancement
40 Subtotal Transient dysphasia Meningothelial
Ishigaki et al. 14 M Dizziness From right CPA to the foramen of Luschka High density without calcification T1., isointense
T2., high intense C.e., heterogeneous enhancement
30 Total Husky voice Meningothelial
Nakahara et al. 56 M None Lateral site of right cerebellar cortex Small round non-enhancing lesion T1., hypointense
T2., not reported C.e., partial enhancement
Not reported Total None Fibroblastic
Teo et al. 1.8 F right hemipares-is, facial nerve palsy and dysphagia Upper medulla and pons Not reported T1., not reported
T2., not reported C.e., multilobulated mass
40 × 40 × 38 Partial Persistent right hemiparesis with right facial nerve palsy Clear cell
Nicoletti et al. 53 M Nausea and vomiting Cisterna magna Not reported T1., isointense
T2., not reported C.e., homogeneous enhancement
About 35 × 27 Total None Meningothelial
Jung et al. 72 F Neck pain and a tingling sensation of left arm Cisterna magna Not reported T1., isointense
T2., hyperintense C.e., homogeneous enhancement
33 × 20 × 20 Total None Syncytial and fibroblastic
Present case 23 M Left upper limb nerve palsy and impairment of fine movement Pons and right cerebral peduncle Not performed T1., heterogeneous
T2., heterogeneous C.e., cystic-solid mass with heterogen- eous enhancement
35 × 25 × 20 Total Mild left upper hemiparesis Papillary
  1. Ys., years. M, male, F, female. CPA, cerebellopontine angle. T1., T1-weighted imaging, T2., T2-weighted imaging, C.e., contrast enhancement. * With postoperative radiotherapy.