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Table 3 Incidence of PHLF grade B–C in high-risk group and low-risk groups in the training cohort and validation cohorts

From: An mALBI-Child–Pugh-based nomogram for predicting post-hepatectomy liver failure grade B–C in patients with huge hepatocellular carcinoma: a multi-institutional study

Cohorts Subgroups PHLF grade B–C P value
Training cohort High-risk group 13 (68.4)  < 0.001
Low-risk group 39 (12.0)
Validation cohorta High-risk group 8 (66.7)  < 0.001
Low-risk group 38 (14.8)
  1. Data are presented as n (%). Fisher’s exact test was adopted
  2. aInternal and external validation cohort were included
  3. PHLF Post-hepatectomy liver failure