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Table 5 Results of the two-piecewise linear regression model in stage III elderly patients for CSS

From: Effect of the duration of the capecitabine regimen following colon cancer surgery in an elderly population: a retrospective cohort study

  HR (95% CI), P valuea
Postoperative capecitabine duration 0.86 (0.78, 0.96), 0.0046
Inflection point of duration
   < 16 0.79 (0.68, 0.92), 0.0027
   ≥ 16 1.34 (0.91, 1.97), 0.13
P for log likelihood ratio test 0.044
  1. Notes: aAdjust for: gender, age, T stage, CA199, CEA, histological type, CCI, and MMR
  2. Abbreviations: HR hazard ratio; CI confidence interval; CA carcinoma antigen; CEA carcinoembryonic antigen; MMR mismatch repair; CCI Charlson comorbidity index