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Table 4 Publication bias by Egger’s test

From: Laparoscopic versus open gastrectomy for gastric cancer

OutcomeStudiesP (Egger’s test)
Operative time170.75
Blood loss160.82
Blood transfusion
 1. Number70.49
 2. Quantity2
Lymph nodes harvested160.02
Analgesic administration
 1. Frequency40.42
 2. Duration30.03
Hospital stay140.30
Time to first flatus130.03
Time to first ambulation60.53
Time to first oral intake80.75
Adverse complications
 1. Total160.10
 2. Severe140.52
 1. Short-term4
 2. Long-term70.15
 1. Short-term150.97
 2. Long-term90.27